NutraMetrix Challenge

Isotonic versus Tablet

Why is it that so many of my patients feel such a difference when taking Nutrametrix isotonic supplements versus taking a tablet vitamin or even a liquid vitamin? It's because the nutrients are delivered to their cells in an isotonic form. Understand, NutraMetrix® nutritional supplements are designed for maximum absorption in minimum time. NutraMetrix® isotonic supplements do not contain binders and fillers like traditional forms, such as pills, do. Therefore, the nutrients are on a fast track to the small intestine, the ultimate destination where absorption takes place.

Isotonic vs. Tablet


NutraMetrix Isotonix  Multivitamin and MultimineralTake the NutraMetrix® Challenge

I challenge you to find out for yourself why so many of my patients prefer Nutrametrix isotonix supplements over a tablet or pill vitamin. Don't you owe it to yourself to take the best? Stop throwing your money away and try our NutraMetrix Isotonix® Multivitamin and feel the difference.

5 minute Rapid Absorption vs.
40 minute to 4 hour Minimal Absorption