Meet the Doctor

Dr. Jon BurackHello and welcome. My name is Dr. Jonathan Burack. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine at Synergy Chiropractic in Dover, Delaware. As a doctor, I am constantly inundated with tons of new products hitting the market at any given time.  Knowing that my patients (and the rest of society) are sicker today than any other time in history, I knew that I had to do more for them than what is currently being done in the system.  I knew I had to take my patients to the next level of their health.  I was tired of just treating symptoms…alleviating this, managing that.  I knew there had to be a way to get to the root or CORE of their issues.  To take them from the mindset of surviving…to THRIVING!

I then began to look at nutrition and its role in our health.  Something so simple, yet most overlooked.  Whether it’s because we aren’t taught about it, too busy with life to hassle with (until it’s too late), or just don’t know where to begin, proper nutrition appears like the totally scrambled Rubik’s cube from our childhood—IMPOSSIBLE! So I dove right in experimenting with products and quickly began to get just as frustrated as many of my patients had told me they had become.  I just wanted to find a product line that could meet my needs, and actually began to make noticeable differences in my health.   

After several years, I found what I had been looking for.  The supplements that have been available throughout the years, weren’t themselves the problem.  The problem was in the way the nutrients had been previously distributed…their delivery was inadequate to the systems of the body, therefore useless!  And then I found a new delivery system, a totally unique, incredibly powerful way of getting the nutrients directly into the cells…an isotonic delivery system!  Not only has this system changed my health, but now over 6 years later, has changed countless numbers of my patient’s lives! 

No hype!  These products are used daily in my household by me and those I love more than life itself, my wife and my 3 beautiful, healthy, THRIVING children.  Try the NutraMetrix® products and you will see changes in your health and well-being unrivaled by other products on the market.  I owed this to myself, my family, and my patients…who NEEDED me to be a better doctor.  These products have helped me do just that!